Friday, August 20, 2010
Sorry for not posting for a long time . Busy gaming and i don really use blogger if i game and i also have no time for blogging . Will update other time .

Ryanoh posted at 1:04 AM

Monday, August 9, 2010
Ok , it is now 7.42am . LOL . Wake up to game . Hehe . Posting for yesterday .

Yesterday woke up at 11am . Then had brekafast lo . Then around 12pm left house go to my cousin house for a majong game . LOL . Then went to hougang point to buy things first . Then met cousin at the carpark . Then he fetch us there . Then around 1pm reach my cousin house lo . Then played with the baby . LOL . Then around 3pm another cousin came . Then we went to chompang to play lan . Then we went to northpoint to walk . LOL .

Then later walk back lo . Eat and walk back . Reach back cousin house , went to eat dinner . Then awhile 11.14pm need to go back home liao lo . Took taxi back to fetch my ah ma back home first . Nabu sit until seibei shiok then have a cockroach climb on my leh 2 times . Fuck soil . So ticklish . LOL . Then later from my ah man house walk to my house not long mah . So walk lo . Then reach home watch tv and bath . Later sleep .

Ryanoh posted at 4:40 PM

Thursday, August 5, 2010
Hi , today woke up at 6am . Then eat breakfast . Go school . Same no ball to play as ball tio confiscate . Then normal periods . During PE run 2.4km . But i walk almost the whole thing . Don feel like running . Then recess play basketball with other friends . After recess have test . So hard so anyhow do lo . LOL . Then after school went to friend's house to wait for him as we want to go other friend;s house . Then reach liao go there play pool . Then come back home . Hahahas . Thats all . Bye .

Ryanoh posted at 2:52 AM

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Today went to school abit late . Played basketball then assemble at the parade square . Always hide Dm scared my hair tio caught . LOL . Then have mass Pe . Do lan jiao jai ho again . Seibei sian .Then recess played basketball lo . During assembly cant see ....... Then after school have training . Teacher no good mood kao pei . Kao pei lan jiao siol . Then tio scolding redo exercise . LOL . Fucking botak . Then after training go compass buy drink . No plastic bad so just go up bus lo . Then reach home , bath , eat then blogging lo . Thats all . Nothing much to post about today . Tomorrow have test sian . Sure fail . LOL .

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Monday, August 2, 2010
Posting for yesterday . Yesterday woke up at around 11am . Then eat breakfast , bath then get ready go o bugis . The transport sucks . So fucking crowded . Sian . Then reach there drizzling . Wanted to buy shirts but don feeel like so never buy lo . Then went to Iluma so walk . Things there quite expensive so also never get anything . Then come home the train also crowded . LOL . Then reach home watch tv . Forgot what show but i know nice show . LOL . Then around 12am sleep .

Today woke up at 6.o5am then wash up , eat breakfast . Then go school lo . B ut today bus come so fucking late . Wait till 6.45am then bus come . Nabu . Waste time . Reach school only can play basketball awhile only . Then when walking back to class Dm check hair scared tio catch . Hide lo . LOL . Then during science , teacher keep stare at me i thought my science test sure kanasai . Then get back ok not so bad . Then recess play basketball lo .

After school go to compass point to eat with friends . Then went to comic connections to buy things .After that went to friend's house to play pool . PLay until 5pm like that then went back to compass point with freind because he want to buy thing . Then around 6pm reach home . Then blogging . Thats all .

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Saturday, July 31, 2010
Today woke up at 10am . Then eyes damn itchy and have running nose . Sian . Rub eyes until damn fucking red . LOL . Then plan to go out but nowhere to go so stayed at home . Seibei tired so Slept until 3pm like this . Then play computer lo . Then go out to relative house until 8pm then come back home . Then come back home bath then watch tv . Thats almost it . Byes .

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Thursday, July 29, 2010
Paiseh no post for days again . Always gaming . LOL . Since nothing to do . Woke up at 6.15am . Overslept . Then seibei tired . NO choice . Went to school played basketball but never run scared school spoil . Becasuse buy the shoes withing 3 days bottom going to have a hole . LOL . Damn powerful .

Then lessons as usual . During PE teacher no come . So lousy always absent . Fuck siol . Then Pe let Dm take over for PE . But stay in class slack . Sian . Recess play duel master . LOL . Class trend now . Then after school have maths test . Confirm fail . Then after test went to anchorvale for training . Later go compass point buy cup walker . Then went to follow friend buy things . Proceeded home after that . Played computer . Like that lo . Byes .

Ryanoh posted at 6:57 AM